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Litoyoderimys Emry and Korth 1993 (rodent)

Mammalia - Glires - Eomyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 41626

Full reference: R. J. Emry and W. W. Korth. 1993. Evolution in Yoderimyinae (Eomyidae: Rodentia), with New Material from the White River Formation (Chadronian) at Flagstaff Rim, Wyoming. Journal of Paleontology 67(6)

Parent taxon: Eomyidae according to R. J. Emry and W. W. Korth 1993

Sister taxa: Adjidaumo, Aguafriamys, Apeomyinae, Arikareeomys, Asianeomys, Aulolithomys, Centimanomys, Cristadjidaumo, Cupressimus, Eomyodon, Eomyops, Eomys, Estramomys, Kansasimys, Keramidomys, Leptodontomys, Ligerimys, Metadjidaumo, Metanoiamys, Montanamus, Namatomys, Omboomys, Orelladjidaumo, Paradjidaumo, Paranamatomys, Protadjidaumo, Pseudotheridomys, Rhodanomys, Ritteneria, Symplokeomys, Viejadjidaumo, Yoderimyinae, Zemiodontomys

Subtaxa: Litoyoderimys auogoleus, Litoyoderimys lustrorum

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore