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Cupidinimus Wood 1935 (rodent)

Osteichthyes - Rodentia - Heteromyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 41676

Synonym: Perognathoides Wood 1935 (taxon 50177)

Full reference: A. E. Wood. 1935. Evolution and relationships of the heteromyid rodents with new forms from the Tertiary of western North America. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 24:73-262

Parent taxon: Heteromyidae according to A. E. Wood 1935

Sister taxa: Balantiomys, Chaetodipus, Dikkomys, Dipodomys, Eodipodomys, Harrymyinae, Harrymys, Heteromyinae, Lignimus, Liomys, Mioheteromys, Mookomys, Oregonomys, Peridiomys, Perodipus, Perognathus, Prodipodomys, Proheteromys, Schizodontomys, Stratimus, Trogomys

Subtaxa: Cupidinimus avawatzensis, Cupidinimus bidahochiensis, Cupidinimus boronensis, Cupidinimus cuyamensis, Cupidinimus halli, Cupidinimus lindsayi, Cupidinimus magnus, Cupidinimus nebraskensis, Cupidinimus prattensis, Cupidinimus smaragdinus, Cupidinimus tertius, Cupidinimus whitlocki, Perognathoides eurekensis, Perognathoides kleinfelderi, Perognathoides quartus

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Type: Cupidinimus nebraskensis

Ecology: ground dwelling granivore-browser