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Magnolia davisi Chandler 1961

PaleoDB taxon number: 418446

Full reference: M. E. J. Chandler. 1961. The Lower Tertiary Floras of Southern England. I. Palaeocene Floras. London Clay Flora (Supplement) 1-354

Belongs to Magnolia according to M. E. J. Chandler 1961

Sister taxa: Magnolia angusta, Magnolia crassa, Magnolia enormis, Magnolia gigantea, Magnolia lata, Magnolia lobata, Magnolia oblonga, Magnolia pygmaea, Magnolia rugosa, Magnolia subcircularis, Magnolia subquadrangularis, Magnolia subtriangularis, Magnolia symmetrica

Type specimen: Its type locality is The London Clay Flora - Sheppey, which is in a Ypresian marginal marine claystone in the London Clay Formation of the United Kingdom