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Order Prymnesiales Papenfuss 1955

PaleoDB taxon number: 419263

Full reference: G. F. Papenfuss. 1955. Classification of the algae. A century of progress in the natural sciences, 1853-1953 115-224

Parent taxon: Coccolithophyceae according to B. Edvardsen et al. 2000

Sister taxa: Coccolithales, Discoasterales, Isochrysidales, Phaeocystales, Zygodiscales, Calyptrosphaeraceae, Prymnesiophycidae, Goniolithaceae, Watznaueriales, Syracosphaerales, Eiffellithales, Lapideacassaceae, Cyclicargolithus, Sphenolithus, Calcidiscus, Podorhabdales, Stephanolithiales, Arkhangelskiales, Eodiscoaster

Subtaxa: none