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Bothriagenys flectomendax Wick and Shiller II 2020

PaleoDB taxon number: 420110

Full reference: S. L. Wick and T. A. Shiller II. 2020. New taxa among a remarkably diverse assemblage of fossil squamates from the Aguja formation (lower Campanian) of west Texas. Cretaceous Research

Belongs to Bothriagenys according to S. L. Wick and T. A. Shiller 2020

Sister taxon: Bothriagenys mysterion

Type specimen: TMM 45947-517, a mandible (anteriormost left dentary fragment with intact teeth). Its type locality is TMM 45947 Adobe Wells Draw , which is in a Campanian estuary/bay sandstone in the Aguja Formation of Texas.