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Uria onoi Watanabe et al. 2016

PaleoDB taxon number: 420124

Full reference: J. Watanabe, H. Matsuoka, and Y. Hasegawa. 2016. Two species of Uria (Aves: Alcidae) from the Pleistocene of Shiriya, northeast Japan, with description and body mass estimation of a new species. Bulletin of the Gunma Museum of Natural History 20:59-72

Belongs to Uria according to J. Watanabe et al. 2020

Sister taxa: Uria aalge, Uria affinis, Uria brodkorbi, Uria lomvia, Uria paleohesperis, Uria troile

Type specimen: NSMT-PV 23722, a limb element (humerus). Its type locality is Shiriya, Locality 2, which is in a Pleistocene fissure fill horizon in Japan.