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Adunator ladae Simpson 1935 (elephant shrew)

Mammalia - Macroscelidea

PaleoDB taxon number: 43753

Alternative combinations: Leptacodon ladae, Mckennatherium ladae

Synonym: Mckennatherium libitum Van Valen 1965 (taxon 47956)

Full reference: G. G. Simpson. 1935. New Paleocene mammals from the Fort Union of Montana. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 83:221-244

Belongs to Adunator according to J. E. Hartman 1986

Sister taxa: Adunator abditus, Adunator amplus, Adunator fredericki, Adunator lehmani, Adunator martinezi, Adunator meizon, Adunator minutus, Diacocherus dockeryi

Type specimens:

  • Adunator ladae: Its type locality is Gidley Quarry, which is in a Torrejonian terrestrial horizon in the Fort Union Formation of Montana
  • Mckennatherium libitum: A.M.N.H. No. 35437, a mandible (left mandible fragment).

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): m1 1.61 x 1.23, m2 1.60 x 1.20, m3 1.50 x 1.00