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Alphadon attaragos Lillegraven and McKenna 1986 (marsupial)

Mammalia - Didelphimorphia - Alphadontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 43913

Full reference: J. A. Lillegraven and M. C. McKenna. 1986. Fossil mammals from the "Mesaverde" Formation (Late Cretaceous, Judithian) of the Bighorn and Wind River basins, Wyoming, with definitions of Late Cretaceous North American Land-Mammal "Ages". American Museum Novitates 2840:1-68

Belongs to Alphadon according to J. A. Lillegraven and M. C. McKenna 1986

Sister taxa: Alphadon austrinum, Alphadon eatoni, Alphadon halleyi, Alphadon marshi, Alphadon perexiguus, Alphadon sahnii, Alphadon wilsoni

Type specimen: UW 17079, a tooth (m1). Its type locality is Sunset to Dawn Two (UW V-81076), which is in a Judithian channel sandstone in the Mesaverde Formation of Wyoming.

Ecology: scansorial omnivore

Average measurements (in mm): m1 1.70 x 0.84

Estimated body mass: 33.9 g based on m1 length and m1 width