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Chaetodipus intermedius Merriam 1889 (rock pocket mouse)

Mammalia - Glires - Heteromyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 45040

Alternative combination: Perognathus intermedius

Belongs to Chaetodipus according to D. E. Wilson and D. M. Reeder 1993

Sister taxa: Chaetodipus arenarius, Chaetodipus artus, Chaetodipus baileyi, Chaetodipus californicus, Chaetodipus fallax, Chaetodipus formosus, Chaetodipus goldmani, Chaetodipus hispidus, Chaetodipus lineatus, Chaetodipus nelsoni, Chaetodipus penicillatus, Chaetodipus pernix, Chaetodipus spinatus

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): body length 148.0, femur length 15.1, head length 24.5, humerus length 9.95, radius length 9.00, scapula 11.7 x 7.5, skull 24.0 x 12.1, tibia length 17.6

Estimated body mass: 14.4 g based on femur length, humerus length, and tibia length