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Cormohipparion Skinner and MacFadden 1977 (hipparionine horse)

Osteichthyes - Perissodactyla - Equidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 45274

Full reference: M. F. Skinner and B. J. MacFadden. 1977. Cormohipparion n. gen. (Mammalia, Equidae) from the North American Miocene (Barstovian-Clarendonian). Journal of Paleontology 51(5):912-926

Parent taxon: Hipparionini according to V. M. Bravo-Cuevas and I. Ferrusquia-Villafranca 2008

Sister taxa: Eurygnathohippus, Hipparion, Hippotherium, Nannippus, Neohipparion, Pseudhipparion

Subtaxa: Cormohipparion (Cormohipparion), Cormohipparion (Notiocradohipparion), Cormohipparion emsliei, Cormohipparion fricki, Cormohipparion goorisi, Cormohipparion ingenuum, Cormohipparion johnsoni, Cormohipparion matthewi, Cormohipparion merriami, Cormohipparion occidentale, Cormohipparion plicatile, Cormohipparion quinni, Cormohipparion skinneri, Cormohipparion sphenodus

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