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Equus complicatus Leidy 1858 (horse)

Osteichthyes - Perissodactyla - Equidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 46261

Alternative combinations: Onager (Hesperhippus) complicatus, Onager complicatus

Invalid subtaxa: Equus americanus Leidy 1847 [replaced name] (no. 363780), Equus eous Cope 1895 (no. 46266), Equus major DeKay 1842 (no. 46285)

Full reference: J. Leidy. 1858. [Abstract of remarks made before a meeting of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, March 9th, 1858]. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 10:11

Belongs to Equus according to J. W. Gidley 1901

Sister taxa: Equus (Amerhippus), Equus (Dolichohippus), Equus (Hemionus), Equus (Hesperohippus), Equus (Hippotigris), Equus (Sussemionus), Equus africanus, Equus alaskae, Equus asinus, Equus australis, Equus caballus, Equus calobatus, Equus capensis, Equus coliemensis, Equus conversidens, Equus curvidens, Equus excelsus, Equus fraternus, Equus fromanius, Equus giganteus, Equus hatcheri, Equus holmesi, Equus idahoensis, Equus intermedius, Equus jubatus, Equus laurentius, Equus leidyi, Equus mexicanus, Equus nalaikhaensis, Equus nearcticus, Equus nevadanus, Equus niobrarensis, Equus nobisi, Equus pacificus, Equus parastylidens, Equus pectinatus, Equus przewalskii, Equus pseudaltidens, Equus quagga, Equus santaeelenae, Equus scotti, Equus semiplicatus, Equus stenonis, Equus tabeti, Equus taeniopus, Equus yunnanensis, Equus zebra, Equus (Asinus) kiang, Asinus africanus, Onager onager, Plesippus francescana, Equus (Plesippus) crenidens

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): P3 31.7 x 29.8, P4 29.8 x 29.7, M1 25.9 x 28.2, m1 26.2 x 14.9