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Microtus guildayi van der Meulen 1978 (vole)

Mammalia - Glires - Cricetidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 48584

Alternative combination: Allophaiomys guildayi

Synonyms: Arvicola sigmodus Cope 1871 (no. 44355), Arvicola speothen Cope 1871 (no. 44356), Arvicola tetradelta Cope 1871 (no. 44357), Microtus involutus Cope 1871 (no. 370358), Microtus speothen Cope 1871 (no. 48607)

Full reference: A. J. van der Meulen. 1978. Microtus and Pitymys (Arvicolidae) from Cumberland Cave, Maryland, with a comparison of some New World and Old World species. Annals of Carnegie Museum 47:110-145

Belongs to Microtus according to R. A. Martin 1995

Sister taxa: Arvicola didelta, Arvicola involuta, Microtus (Stenocranius), Microtus agrestis, Microtus arvalis, Microtus australis, Microtus brecciensis, Microtus bucharicus, Microtus californicus, Microtus chrotorrhinus, Microtus drummondi, Microtus duodecimcostatus, Microtus eleniae, Microtus epimticeps, Microtus guatemalensis, Microtus guentheri, Microtus hibbardi, Microtus irene, Microtus kikuchii, Microtus leucurus, Microtus llanensis, Microtus longicaudus, Microtus mandarinus, Microtus meadensis, Microtus mexicanus, Microtus middendorffi, Microtus miguelensis, Microtus miurus, Microtus montanus, Microtus morlani, Microtus oaxacensis, Microtus ochrogaster, Microtus oeconomus, Microtus paroperarius, Microtus pennsylvanicus, Microtus pinetorum, Microtus quasiater, Microtus richardsoni, Microtus rossiaemeridionalis, Microtus umbrosus, Microtus xanthognathus, Pitymys parvulus, Pitymys aratai, Pitymys mcnowni, Pitymys cumberlandensis, Pitymys nemoralis

Type specimens:

  • Microtus guildayi: CM 20333, a mandible (mandible dext. with m1-m2).
  • Arvicola sigmodus:
  • Arvicola speothen:
  • Arvicola tetradelta:
  • Microtus involutus:

Ecology: scansorial insectivore