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Perognathus carpenteri Dalquest 1978 (pocket mouse)

Osteichthyes - Rodentia - Heteromyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 50194

Full reference: W. W. Dalquest. 1978. Early Blancan mammals of the Beck Ranch local fauna of Texas. Journal of Mammalogy 59(2):269-298

Belongs to Perognathus according to W. W. Dalquest 1978

Sister taxa: Perognathus ancenensis, Perognathus brevidens, Perognathus coquorum, Perognathus dunklei, Perognathus flavescens, Perognathus flavus, Perognathus furlongi, Perognathus gidleyi, Perognathus henryredfieldi, Perognathus huastecensis, Perognathus inornatus, Perognathus longimembris, Perognathus maldei, Perognathus mclaughlini, Perognathus merriami, Perognathus minutus, Perognathus parvus, Perognathus pearlettensis, Perognathus rexroadensis, Perognathus saskatchewanensis, Perognathus stevei, Perognathus strigipredus, Perognathus trojectioansrum

Type specimen: Its type locality is Beck Ranch, which is in a Blancan fluvial sandstone in Texas

Ecology: ground dwelling granivore-browser