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Plesiogulo marshalli Martin 1928 (mustelid carnivore)

Osteichthyes - Carnivora - Mustelidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 50455

Alternative combination: Brachypsalis marshalli

Full reference: H. T. Martin. 1928. Two new carnivores from the Pliocene of Kansas. Journal of Mammalogy 9(3):233-236

Belongs to Plesiogulo according to R. L. Wilson 1968

Sister taxon: Plesiogulo lindsayi

Type specimen: Univ. Kansas Mus. Vert. Paleon. No. 3464, a partial skull (right mandibular ramus, coronoid process, right and left auditory bullae with root of squamosal bones and glenoid fossae, and left exoccipital condyle). Its type locality is Edson, which is in a Hemphillian terrestrial horizon in Kansas.

Ecology: scansorial carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): P3 11.7 x 7.4, P4 21.2 x 13.3, M1 14.2 x 18.2, p3 9.89 x 6.78, p4 13.3 x 8.1, m1 24.2 x 9.0