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Thecodontosaurus Riley and Stutchbury 1836 (saurischian)

Reptilia - Saurischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 53022

Full reference: H. Riley and S. Stutchbury. 1836. A description of various fossil remains of three distinct saurian animals discovered in the autumn of 1834, in the Magnesian Conglomerate on Durdham Down, near Bristol. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London 2:397-399

Parent taxon: Sauropodomorpha according to B. W. McPhee et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Arcusaurus, Asylosaurus, Brontosauria, Buriolestes, Chromogisaurus, Efraasia, Eoraptor, Euskelosaurus, Guaibasauridae, Massopoda, Nambalia, Navahopodidae, Navahopus, Pachysuchus, Pampadromaeus, Pantydraco, Plateosauria, Plateosauridae, Saturnalia, Thecodontosauridae

Subtaxa: Thecodontosaurus antiquus, Thecodontosaurus elisae, Thecodontosaurus minimus, Thecodontosaurus posthumus, Thecodontosaurus primus

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