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Mesophiomusium Kutscher and Jagt 2000 (brittle star)

Ophiuroidea - Ophiurida - Ophiolepididae

PaleoDB taxon number: 53739

Full reference: M. Kutscher and J.W.M. Jagt. 2000. Early Maastrichitian ophiuroids from Rügen (northeast Germany) and Mon (Denmark). In Jagt J.M.W., Late Cretaceous-Early Paleocene echinoderms and the K/T boundary in the southeast Netherlands and the northeast Belgium. - part 3: Ophiuroids. Scripta Geologica 21:45-107

Parent taxon: Ophiolepididae according to J. W. M. Jagt 2000

Sister taxa: Aplocoma, Archaeophiomusium, Enakomusium, Eozonella, Ophiolepis, Ophiomastinae, Ophiomusium, Ophiozonella

Subtaxa: Mesophiomusium decipiens, Mesophiomusium geisingense, Mesophiomusium moenense, Mesophiomusium scabrum

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Type: Mesophiomusium moenense

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore-detritivore