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Chirostenotes pergracilis Gilmore 1924 (coelurosaur)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Caenagnathidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 54561

Synonyms: Caenagnathus sternbergi Cracraft 1971 (no. 54547), Chirostenotes sternbergi Cracraft 1971 (no. 163558), Macrophalangia canadensis Sternberg 1932 (no. 54817)

Full reference: C. W. Gilmore. 1924. A new coelurid dinosaur from the Belly River Cretaceous of Alberta. Canada Department of Mines Geological Survey Bulletin (Geological Series) 38(43):1-12

Belongs to Chirostenotes according to N. R. Longrich et al. 2013

Sister taxon: Chirostenotes elegans

Type specimens:

  • Chirostenotes pergracilis: CMN 2367, a set of limb elements (nearly complete articulated L and R manus). Its type locality is 2 miles northeast of mouth, Little Sandhill Creek, which is in a Campanian terrestrial horizon in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada.
  • Caenagnathus sternbergi: NMC 2690.
  • Macrophalangia canadensis: NMC 8538, a set of limb elements (R distal tibia, astragalus, tarsals, pes). Its type locality is RTMP Quarry 61, Berry Creek (NMC), which is in a Campanian channel sandstone in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada.

Ecology: ground dwelling omnivore