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†unranked clade Helochelydridae Nopcsa 1928

PaleoDB taxon number: 360854

Alternative spelling: Helochelydrinae

Synonym: Solemydidae Lapparent and Murelaga 1997 [objective synonym] (taxon 56005)

Full reference: B. F. Nopcsa. 1928. Palaeontological notes on reptiles. V. On the skull of the Upper Cretaceous dinosaur Euoplocephalus. Geologica Hungarica, Series Palaeontologica 1(1):1-54

Parent taxon: Perichelydia according to W. G. Joyce 2017

Sister taxa: Meiolaniformes, Sichuanchelyidae, Spoochelys

Subtaxa: Helochelydra, Helochelys, Naomichelys, Plastremys, Solemys

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