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Lesothosaurus diagnosticus Galton 1978 (ornithischian)

Reptilia - Ornithischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 57574

Full reference: P. M. Galton. 1978. Fabrosauridae, the basal family of ornithischian dinosaurs (Reptilia: Ornithischia). Paläontologische Zeitschrift 52(1/2):138-159

Belongs to Lesothosaurus according to W. Zheng et al. 2013

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: BMNH RU (UCL) B17, a skull. Its type locality is north flank, Likhoele Mountain (UCL), which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian terrestrial sandstone in the Elliot Formation of Lesotho.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): femur length 104.0, fibula length 123.0, humerus length 62.8, radius length 39.9, scapula length 70.4, skull 94.0 x 48.0, tibia length 129.0, ulna length 40.0

Estimated body mass: 3.45 kg based on femur length