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Subfamily Phocoeninae Gray 1825 (porpoise)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Phocoenidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 63529

Alternative spellings: Phocaeninae, Phocininae

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1825. An outline of an attempt at the disposition of Mammalia into Tribes and Families, with a list of genera apparently appertaining to each Tribe. Annals of Philosophy, new series 10:337-344

Parent taxon: Phocoenidae according to R. Foekens 2008

Sister taxa: Archaeophocaena, Australithax, Brabocetus, Haborophocoena, Lomacetus, Loxolithax, Miophocaena, Neophocaena, Numataphocoena, Phocoena, Phocoenoides, Phocoenoidinae, Piscolithax, Pterophocaena, Salumiphocaena, Semirostrum, Septemtriocetus

Subtaxa: Leucodelphini

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Ecology: ground dwelling piscivore