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Hadrosaurus tripos Cope 1869 (rorqual)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Balaenopteridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 64348

Alternative combination: Trachodon tripos

Full reference: E. D. Cope. 1869. [Remarks on Eschrichtius polyporus, Hypsibema crassicauda, Hadrosaurus tripos, and Polydectes biturgidus]. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 21:191-192

Belongs to Balaenopteridae according to D. Baird and J. R. Horner 1979

Sister taxa: Agaphelinae, Archaebalaenoptera, Balaena affinis, Balaena definata, Balaena emarginata, Balaena gibbosa, Balaenoptera, Balaenoptera borealina, Balaenoptera musculoides, Balaenoptera portisii, Balaenoptera rostratella, Balaenoptera sibbaldina, Balaenoptera taiwanica, Balaenopterinae, Cetotheriophanes, Delphinus brachyspondylus, Diunatans, Eobalaenoptera, Eschrichtiinae, Fragilicetus, Incakujira, Megaptera, Megaptera affinis, Megapterinae, Megapteropsis robusta, Miobalaenoptera, Nehalaennia, Notiocetus, Parabalaenoptera, Parabalaenopterinae, Plesiobalaenoptera, Plesiocetus, Praemegaptera, Praemegapterinae, Protororqualus

Type specimen: USNM 7190, 7093-7095, a set of vertebrae (caudal vertebra). Its type locality is W. J. Thompson marl pit, which is in a Pliocene transition zone/lower shoreface marl in the Duplin Formation of North Carolina.

Ecology: scansorial insectivore