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Haasiophis terrasanctus Tchernov et al. 2000 (snake)

Reptilia - Squamata

PaleoDB taxon number: 65326

Full reference: E. Tchernov, O. Rieppel, H. Zaher, M. J. Polcyn, and L. L. Jacobs. 2000. A fossil snake with limbs. Science 287:2010-2012

Belongs to Haasiophis according to O. Rieppel et al. 2003

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: HUJ-Pal. EJ 695, a skeleton (complete skeleton). Its type locality is 'Ein Yabrud quarries, which is in a Cenomanian/Cenomanian carbonate limestone in the Bet Meir/Amminadav Formation of Palestinian Territory.

Ecology: aquatic piscivore-carnivore