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Macrocallista meganosensis Clark and Woodford 1927 (venus clam)

Bivalvia - Veneroidei - Veneridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 66880

Full reference: B. L. Clark and A. O. Woodford. 1927. The geology and paleontology of the type section of the Meganos Formation (lower Middle Eocene) of California. University of California Publications in Geological Sciences 17(2):63-142

Belongs to Macrocallista according to B. L. Clark and A. O. Woodford 1927

Sister taxa: Macrocallista (Macrocallista), Macrocallista (Megapitaria), Macrocallista arenophila, Macrocallista caryi, Macrocallista cavachana, Macrocallista cordata, Macrocallista densa, Macrocallista furlongi, Macrocallista greeni, Macrocallista inca, Macrocallista maculata, Macrocallista marylandica, Macrocallista minuscula, Macrocallista packi, Macrocallista pittsburgensis, Macrocallista rearensis, Macrocallista stantoni, Macrocallista tia, Macrocallista traftoni, Macrocallista williamsoni

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder