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Retiophyllia Cuif 1966 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Reimaniphylliidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 6822

Synonyms: Archaeophyllia Beauvais 1972 [objective synonym] (no. 6168), Paradistichophyllum Melnikova 1975 (no. 6695), Parathecosmilia Roniewicz 1974 (no. 6704)

Parent taxon: Reimaniphylliidae according to G. D. Stanley and T. Onoue 2015

Sister taxa: Coryphylliinae, Coryphyllina, Craspedophyllia, Cuifia, Distichoflabellinae, Distichomorpha, Distichopsis, Palaeastraea, Paracuifia, Primorodendron, Proretiophyllia, Reimaniphyllia, Reimaniphylliinae, Craspedophylliinae, Distichophyllia, Distichophylliinae, Toechastraea

Subtaxa: Retiophyllia aksuensis, Retiophyllia alfurica, Retiophyllia aranea, Retiophyllia caespitosa, Retiophyllia clathrata, Retiophyllia dawsoni, Retiophyllia defilippi, Retiophyllia delicata, Retiophyllia delicatula, Retiophyllia dendriformis, Retiophyllia dichotoma, Retiophyllia eguchii, Retiophyllia fenestrata, Retiophyllia frechi, Retiophyllia gephyrophora, Retiophyllia gosaviensis, Retiophyllia gracilis, Retiophyllia langobardica, Retiophyllia mailonggangensis, Retiophyllia multiramis, Retiophyllia nevadae, Retiophyllia norica, Retiophyllia obtusa, Retiophyllia oppeli, Retiophyllia parviseptum, Retiophyllia pascoensis, Retiophyllia robusta, Retiophyllia sellae, Retiophyllia tenuicosta, Retiophyllia tolminensis, Retiophyllia tosaensis, Retiophyllia vesicularis, Retiophyllia wasabidaniensis

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Type: Thecosmilia fenestrata

Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal photosymbiotic-suspension feeder