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Protowenella primaria Zhou and Xiao 1984 (mollusk)

Helcionelloida - Helcionellida - Helcionellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 75812

Full reference: B. Zhou and L. Xiao. 1984. Early Cambrian monoplacophorans and gastropods from Huainan and Huoqiu Counties, Anhui Province. Professional Papers in Stratigraphy and Palaeontology 13:125-140

Belongs to Protowenella according to P. J. Wagner 2017

Sister taxa: Protowenella cobbensis, Protowenella flemingi, Protowenella huainanensis, Protowenella lancaraensis, Protowenella plena

Type specimen: Its type locality is Huoqiu, Huainan, which is in an Atdabanian/Botomian carbonate limestone in the Yutaishan Formation of China

Ecology: slow-moving low-level epifaunal detritivore