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Palaeosaurus platyodon Riley and Stutchbury 1836 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Phytosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 72153

Alternative combinations: Palaeosauriscus platyodon, Rileya platyodon, Thecodontosaurus platyodon

Full reference: H. Riley and S. Stutchbury. 1836. A description of various fossil remains of three distinct saurian animals discovered in the autumn of 1834, in the Magnesian Conglomerate on Durdham Down, near Bristol. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London 2:397-399

Belongs to Phytosauria according to M. R. Stocker and R. J. Butler 2013

Sister taxa: Angistorhinopsis, Angistorhinopsis ruetimeyeri, Angistorhinus gracilis, Belodon, Belodon ingens, Belodon lepturus, Belodon plieningeri, Belodon scolopax, Belodon superciliosus, Belodon validus, Brachysuchus maleriensis, Centemodon, Centemodon sulcatus, Clepsysaurus, Clepsysaurus leai, Clepsysaurus pennsylvanicus, Clepsysaurus veatleianus, Coburgosuchus, Compsosaurus, Compsosaurus priscus, Diandongosuchus, Dicynodon rosmarus, Eurydorus, Eurydorus serridens, Francosuchus, Francosuchus broilii, Francosuchus latus, Heterodontichnites, Heterodontosuchus, Heterodontosuchus ganei, Leptosuchus imperfecta, Omosaurus, Omosaurus perplexus, Palaeoctonus, Palaeoctonus appalachianus, Palaeoctonus aulacodus, Palaeoctonus dumblianus, Palaeoctonus orthodon, Palaeosaurus, Palaeosaurus fraserianus, Palaeosaurus stricklandi, Parasuchidae, Phytosaurus, Phytosaurus cubicodon, Phytosaurus cylindricodon, Promystriosuchus, Rhytidodon rostratus, Rileya bristolensis, Rutiodon manhattanensis, Suchoprion, Suchoprion cyphodon, Suchoprion sulcidens, Termatosaurus albertii, Mystriosuchidae, Pelycosimia, Apatopodidae, Rutiodontidae

Type specimen: BRSMG *Ca7448/3, a tooth. Its type locality is Durdham Down, Quarry Steps, which is in a Rhaetian fissure fill limestone/breccia in the Magnesian Conglomerate Formation of the United Kingdom.

Ecology: carnivore