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Deltapodus brodricki Whyte and Romano 1995 (ornithischian)

Reptilia - Ornithischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 81830

Alternative combination: Deltapodus brodericki

Full reference: M. A. Whyte and M. Romano. 1995. Probable sauropod footprints from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire, England. Aspects of Sauropod Paleobiology. GAIA 10:15-26

Belongs to Deltapodus according to M. Avanzini et al. 2003

Sister taxa: Deltapodus curriei, Deltapodus ibericus

Type specimen: F00768, a footprint. Its type locality is Rail Hole Bight tracksite, which is in an Aalenian fluvial-deltaic sandstone/siltstone in the Saltwick Formation of the United Kingdom.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore