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Gavia concinna Wetmore 1940 (loon)

Reptilia - Gaviiformes - Gaviidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 83339

Synonym: Gavia palaeodytes Wetmore 1943 (taxon 146114)

Full reference: A. Wetmore. 1940. Fossil Bird Remains from Tertiary Deposits in the United States. Journal of Morphology 66(1):25-37

Belongs to Gavia according to S. L. Olson and P. C. Rasmussen 2001

Sister taxa: Gavia adamsii, Gavia arctica, Gavia brodkorbi, Gavia egeriana, Gavia fortis, Gavia howardae, Gavia immer, Gavia pacifica, Gavia stellata

Type specimens:

  • Gavia concinna: USNM 16160, a limb element (ulna). Its type locality is Sweetwater Canyon, which is in a Zanclean marine horizon in the Etchegoin Formation of California.
  • Gavia palaeodytes:

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore