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Holopea Hall 1847 (snail)

Gastropoda - Euomphalina - Holopeidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 8461

Alternative spellings: Cyclonema (Holopea), Macrocheilus (Holopea)

Synonyms: Cirropsis Perner 1903 (no. 70967), Haplospira Koken 1897 (no. 8851), Litiopsis Salter 1866 [objective synonym] (no. 67078), Staurospira Perner 1907 (no. 67073), Tortilla Perner 1903 (no. 71099)

Full reference: J. Hall. 1847. Containing descriptions of the organic remains of the lower division of the New York system (equivalent of the Lower Silurian rocks of Europe). Paleontology of New York 1:1-338

Parent taxon: Holopeidae according to P. Bouchet et al. 2005

Sister taxa: Cyclora, Eopagodea, Holopeinae, Pachystrophia, Raphistomina

Subtaxa: Haplospira craigi, Haplospira henningsmoeni, Haplospira nereis, Haplospira sibeliuxeni, Haplospira variabilis, Haplospira vermiculosa, Holopea aequalis, Holopea ampla, Holopea ampullacea, Holopea applanata, Holopea appressa, Holopea arctica, Holopea balticus, Holopea brucei, Holopea concinna, Holopea concinnula, Holopea coronata, Holopea corrugata, Holopea eichwaldi, Holopea elizabethi, Holopea enjalrani, Holopea excelsa, Holopea expandens, Holopea filosus, Holopea gaspesia, Holopea gigantea, Holopea glindmeyeri, Holopea gracia, Holopea guelphensis, Holopea harpa, Holopea hubbardi, Holopea inaequistriata, Holopea incola, Holopea inflata, Holopea informis, Holopea insignis, Holopea iowaensis, Holopea latens, Holopea lavinia, Holopea marylandica, Holopea media, Holopea mediocris, Holopea missouriensis, Holopea mobergi, Holopea nicolettensis, Holopea nitidissima, Holopea obliqua, Holopea obsoleta, Holopea occidentalis, Holopea ophelia, Holopea ottawaensis, Holopea ovalis, Holopea paludiniformis, Holopea parvula, Holopea perforata, Holopea plauta, Holopea praecursor, Holopea pumila, Holopea pyrene, Holopea rossbrookiensis, Holopea rotunda, Holopea scalariforme, Holopea scrutator, Holopea similis, Holopea simmonensis, Holopea simplex, Holopea subconica, Holopea subtilis, Holopea supraplana, Holopea symmetrica, Holopea transversa, Holopea undulata, Holopea variabilis, Holopea vaurealensis, Holopea vigneauensis, Macrocheilus (Holopea) macrostomus, Tortilla disjuncta

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Type: Holopea symmetrica

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder