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Saharastega moradiensis Sidor et al. 2005 (tetrapod)

Osteichthyes - Temnospondyli

PaleoDB taxon number: 91479

Full reference: C. A. Sidor, F. R. O'Keefe, R. Damiani, J. S. Steyer, R. M. H. Smith, H. C. E. Larsson, P. C. Sereno, O. Ide, and A. Maga. 2005. Permian tetrapods from the Sahara show climate-controlled endemism in Pangaea. Nature 434:886-889

Belongs to Saharastega according to R. Damiani et al. 2006

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MNN MOR73, a skull. Its type locality is Ibadanane Area I, which is in a Changhsingian floodplain claystone/conglomerate in the Moradi Formation of Niger.

Ecology: amphibious carnivore