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Strophostylus Hall 1859 (snail)

Gastropoda - Euomphalina - Platyceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 9277

Alternative spelling: Platyceras (Strophostylus)

Synonym: Helictostylus Knight 1934 [objective synonym] (taxon 71009)

Full reference: J. Hall. 1859. Notes and observations upon the fossils of the Goniatite Limestone, in the Marcellus shale of the Hamilton group, and those of the Goniatite beds of Rockford, Indiana, with some analogous forms from the Hamilton Group proper. Annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the State Cabinet of Natural History and the Historical and Antiquarian collection annexed thereto 13:95-112

Parent taxon: Platyceratidae according to P. Bouchet et al. 2005

Sister taxa: Barynema, Basiplanus, Brokenriveria, Cancellator, Cancelloplatyceras, Compsonema, Crossoceras, Cyclonema, Devononema, Euthyrhachis, Himantonia, Lotzia, Naticellina, Naticonema, Naticonoda, Natirhenia, Nonorios, Obscuropsis, Paffrathia, Palaeocapulus, Platyceras, Platyschisma, Ploconema, Praenatica, Pseudoplatyceras, Pseudorthonychiinae, Ptychospirina, Rhabdocantha, Spinyplatyceras, Spiranodus, Spironemella, Strotostoma, Stuckenbergispira, Tachloconcha, Turbonellininae

Subtaxa: Strophostylus andrewsi, Strophostylus bivolve, Strophostylus cancellata, Strophostylus chesterensis, Strophostylus cyclostomus, Strophostylus elegans, Strophostylus elevatus, Strophostylus fitchi, Strophostylus girtyi, Strophostylus globosus, Strophostylus matheri, Strophostylus nevadensis, Strophostylus obtusus, Strophostylus sargalensis, Strophostylus tantillus, Strophostylus transversus, Strophostylus unica, Strophostylus wortheni

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Type: Strophostylus andrewsi

Ecology: passively mobile epifaunal coprophage