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Orthodactylus howelli Bock 1952 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Pseudosuchia - Batrachopodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 93719

Full reference: W. Bock. 1952. Triassic reptilian tracks and trends of locomotive evolution. Journal of Paleontology 26(3):395-433

Belongs to Orthodactylus according to O. Kuhn 1958

Sister taxa: Batrachopus argentina, Batrachopus bakoenaorum, Batrachopus bellus, Batrachopus deweyi, Batrachopus dispar, Batrachopus gilberti, Batrachopus gracilis, Batrachopus pilosus, Batrachopus rugosus, Batrachopus supersaltator, Batrachopus tenuis, Batrachopus varians, Palamopus anomalus, Palamopus divaricans, Comptichnus moorosi, Chelonoides wittei, Chelonoides robusta

Type specimen: ANSP 15219, 15223, a footprint. Its type locality is Squirrel Hill Quarry (tracks), which is in a Norian/Rhaetian terrestrial shale/sandstone in the Passaic Formation of Pennsylvania.

Ecology: herbivore