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Tyto balearica Mourer-Chauvire et al. 1980 (barn owl)

Reptilia - Strigiformes - Tytonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 94154

Full reference: C. Mourer-Chauvire, J. A. Alcover, S. Moya and J. Pons. 1980. Une nouvelle forme insulaire d'effraie geante, Tyto balearica n. sp. (Aves, Strigiformes), du Plio-Pleistocene des Baleares. Geobios 13(5):803-811

Belongs to Tyto according to C. Mourer-Chauvire et al. 1980

Sister taxa: Tyto alba, Tyto cavatica, Tyto cravesae, Tyto glaucops, Tyto letocarti, Tyto mourerchauvireae, Tyto noeli, Tyto novaehollandiae, Tyto ostologa, Tyto pollens

Type specimen: complete left coracoid, Cova de Canet, Mallorca, Spain, a limb element (complete left coracoid). Its type locality is Cova de Canet, which is in a Pliocene terrestrial horizon in Spain.

Ecology: volant carnivore