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Gopherus berlandieri Agassiz 1857

PaleoDB taxon number: 364826

Alternative combinations: Gopherus berlanderi, Scaptochelys berlandieri, Xerobates berlandieri

Full reference: L. Agassiz. 1857. Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America. First Monograph. Vol. I. Part I. Essay on Classi cation. Part II. North American Testudinata. 1-452

Belongs to Gopherus according to V.-H. Reynoso and M. Montellano-Ballesteros 2004

Sister taxa: Gopherus (Gopherus), Gopherus (Oligopherus), Gopherus agassizii, Gopherus auffenbergi, Gopherus brevisternus, Gopherus depressus, Gopherus donlaloi, Gopherus edae, Gopherus flavomarginatus, Gopherus hexagonatus, Gopherus laticuneus, Gopherus mohavensis, Gopherus polyphemus, Testudo milleri

Average measurements (in mm): carapace 165.9 x 145.1

Estimated body mass: 718.6 g based on carapace length