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Teviornis gobiensis Kurochkin et al. 2002 (waterfowl)

Reptilia - Anseriformes - Presbyornithidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 134342

Full reference: E. N. Kurochkin, G. J. Dyke, and A. A. Karhu. 2002. A new presbyornithid bird (Aves, Anseriformes) from the Late Cretaceous of southern Mongolia. American Museum Novitates 3386:1-11

Belongs to Teviornis according to E. N. Kurochkin et al. 2002

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: PIN 44991-1, a set of limb elements (partially crushed associated remains of a right forelimb). Its type locality is Gurilyn Tsav, which is in a Campanian/Maastrichtian terrestrial horizon in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia.

Ecology: volant herbivore