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Psarolepis Yu 1998 (lobe-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Sarcopterygii

PaleoDB taxon number: 218781

Full reference: X.-B. Yu. 1998. A new porolepiform-like fish, Psarolepis romeri, gen. et sp. nov. (Sarcopterygii, Osteichthyes) from the Lower Devonian of Yunnan, China. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 18(2):261-274

Parent taxon: Sarcopterygii according to R. Cloutier and G. Arratia 2004

Sister taxa: Achoania, Akinetia, Coelacanthimorpha, Crossopterygii, Dipnoi, Dipnotetrapodomorpha, Guiyu, Lepidosireniformes, Ligulalepis, Onychodontia, Onychodontiformes, Osteolepiformes, Rhipidistia, Rhizodontida, Youngolepis

Subtaxa: Psarolepis romeri

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