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Cercopithecus nictitans Linnaeus 1766 (greater spot-nosed monkey)

Osteichthyes - Primates - Cercopithecidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 232635

Alternative combination: Simia nictitans

Belongs to Cercopithecus according to R. Owen 1853

Sister taxa: Cercopithecus albogularis, Cercopithecus ascanius, Cercopithecus campbelli, Cercopithecus cephus, Cercopithecus denti, Cercopithecus diana, Cercopithecus doggetti, Cercopithecus dryas, Cercopithecus erythrogaster, Cercopithecus erythrotis, Cercopithecus hamlyni, Cercopithecus kandti, Cercopithecus leucampyx, Cercopithecus lomamiensis, Cercopithecus lowei, Cercopithecus mitis, Cercopithecus mona, Cercopithecus neglectus, Cercopithecus petaurista, Cercopithecus pogonias, Cercopithecus pygerythrus, Cercopithecus roloway, Cercopithecus sabaeus, Cercopithecus sclateri, Cercopithecus wolfi

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): femur length 167.4, fibula length 151.7, humerus length 128.1, radius length 125.0, scapula length 56.2, tibia length 162.3, ulna length 141.1

Estimated body mass: 12.3 kg based on femur length, humerus length, tibia length, and ulna length