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Wakaleo alcootaensis Archer and Rich 1982 (diprotodont marsupial)

Osteichthyes - Diprotodontia - Thylacoleonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 247290

Full reference: M. Archer and T. H. Rich. 1982. Results of the Ray E. Lemley expeditions. Wakaleo alcootaensis n. sp. (Thylacoleonidae, Marsupialia, A new marsupial lion from the Miocene of the Northern Territory with a consideration of early radiation in the family. Carnivorous Marsupials 2:495-510

Belongs to Wakaleo according to M. Archer and T. H. Rich 1982

Sister taxa: Wakaleo oldfieldi, Wakaleo vanderleueri

Type specimen: NTM P1, a maxilla (fragmentary left maxilla containing P3 and M2)

Ecology: scansorial omnivore