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Hippocampus slovenicus Zalohar et al. 2009 (sea horse)

Osteichthyes - Acanthomorphata - Syngnathidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 269392

Full reference: J. Zalohar, T. Hitij, and M. Kriznar. 2009. Two new species of seahorses (Syngnathidae, Hippocampus) from the Middle Miocene (Sarmatian) Coprolitic Horizon in Tun- jice Hills, Slovenia: the oldest fossil record of seahorses. Annales de Paleontologie 95:71-96

Belongs to Hippocampus according to J. Zalohar et al. 2009

Sister taxon: Hippocampus sarmaticus

Type specimen: T-249a, a skeleton. Its type locality is Tunjice Village, bed 6, which is in a Sarmatian lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal mudstone in the Coprolitic Horizon Formation of Slovenia.

Ecology: nektonic omnivore