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Chelodina alanrixi Lapparent de Broin and Molnar 2001 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines

PaleoDB taxon number: 336683

Full reference: F. Lapparent de Broin and R. E. Molnar. 2001. Eocene chelid turtles from Redbank Plains, Southeast Queensland. Geodiversitas 23(1):41-79

Belongs to Chelodina according to I. J. Maniel and M. S. de la Fuente 2016

Sister taxa: Chelodina expansa, Chelodina insculpta, Chelodina longicollis, Chelodina mccordi, Chelodina murrayi, Chelodina novaeguinae, Chelodina oblonga, Chelodina parkeri, Chelodina pritchardi, Chelodina reimanni, Chelodina rugosa, Chelodina siebenrocki, Chelodina steindachneri

Type specimen: QM F18344, an other (impressions of shell). Its type locality is East of Jones Road, Redbank Plains, which is in a Paleocene/Lutetian terrestrial horizon in the Redbank Plains Formation of Australia.