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Chelodina insculpta De Vis 1897

PaleoDB taxon number: 361287

Full reference: C. W. De Vis. 1897. The extinct freshwater turtles of Queensland. Annals of the Queensland Museum 3:3-7

Belongs to Chelodina according to I. J. Maniel and M. S. de la Fuente 2016

Sister taxa: Chelodina alanrixi, Chelodina expansa, Chelodina longicollis, Chelodina mccordi, Chelodina murrayi, Chelodina novaeguinae, Chelodina oblonga, Chelodina parkeri, Chelodina pritchardi, Chelodina reimanni, Chelodina rugosa, Chelodina siebenrocki, Chelodina steindachneri

Type specimen: QM 1109a, a partial shell