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Nundasuchus Nesbitt et al. 2014

PaleoDB taxon number: 372157

Full reference: S. J. Nesbitt, C. A. Sidor, K. D. Angielczyk, R. M. H. Smith, and L. A. Tsuji. 2014. A new archosaur from the Manda beds (Anisian, Middle Triassic) of southern Tanzania and its implications for character state optimizations at Archosauria and Pseudosuchia. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 34(6):1357-1382

Parent taxon: Pseudosuchia according to S. J. Nesbitt et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Browniella, Chasmatosaurus ultimus, Chirotheriidae, Chirotherioidea, Dasygnathus longidens, Dongusia, Dongusia colorata, Erpetosuchidae, Gwyneddichnidae, Ingenierichnus, Koilamasuchus, Ornithosuchidae, Ornithosuchoidea, Phytosauria, Procerosuchus, Prochirotherium, Rotodactylidae, Stagonolepoidea, Suchia, Synaptichniidae, Thecodontichnus, Youngosuchus

Subtaxa: Nundasuchus songeaensis

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