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Camposaurus arizonensis Hunt et al. 1998 (dinosaur)


PaleoDB taxon number: 66659

Full reference: A. P. Hunt, S. G. Lucas, A. B. Heckert, R. M. Sullivan, and M. G. Lockley. 1998. Late Triassic dinosaurs from the western United States. Géobios 31(4):511-531

Belongs to Dinosauria according to W. G. Parker 2005

Sister taxa: Ancistrodon, Astrodon pusillus, Carnosauriformes, Cridotrisauropus, Dictyoolithidae, Diplodocia, Dystrophaeidae, Elephantopoides, Gigantosauropus, Gyrotrisauropus, Harpagosauria, Harpedactylus, Herreravia, Huanglongpus, Iguanodonichnus, Lagunculapes, Megalosauridae, Mirsosauropus, Neosauropus, Nyasasaurus, Omosaurus phillipsi, Ornithischia, Ornithischiformes, Paleodinosauria, Phytodinosauria, Phytophagi, Polemarchus, Polyclonoolithidae, Postpubici, Praepubici, Prismatoolithidae, Saltosauropus, Saurischia, Sauropodichnus, Sillimanius, Sinoichnites, Steropoides, Tarsodactylus, Tarsoplectrus, Therophagi, Therosauria, Toyamasauripus, Tretospondylia, Xiphopeza, Youngoolithidae, Yunnanpus

Type specimen: UCMP 34498, a set of postcrania. Its type locality is Placerias Quarry, UCMP A269, which is in a Norian wet floodplain mudstone/claystone in the Chinle Formation of Arizona.