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Peloneustes philarchus Seeley 1869 (plesiosaur)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia - Pliosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 100092

Alternative combinations: Plesiosaurus philarchus, Thaumatosaurus philarchus

Full reference: H. G. Seeley. 1869. Index to the Fossil Remains of Aves, Ornithosauria, and Reptilia, from the Secondary System of Strata, Arranged in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge. Deighton, Bell, and Co, Cambridge 1-143

Belongs to Peloneustes according to H. F. Ketchum and R. B. J. Benson 2011

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: CAMSM J.46913, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is Peterborough area, Porter Collection, which is in a Callovian offshore mudstone in the Oxford Clay Formation of the United Kingdom.

Ecology: aquatic carnivore