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Libonectes morgani Welles 1949 (southwest diver)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia - Elasmosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 100109

Alternative combination: Elasmosaurus morgani

Synonym: Libonectes atlasense Buchy 2005 (taxon 213496)

Full reference: S. P. Welles. 1949. A new elasmosaur from the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas. Fondren Science Series 1:1-28

Belongs to Libonectes according to F. R. O'Keefe 2001

Sister taxa: none

Type specimens:

  • Libonectes morgani: SMUSMP 69120, a partial skeleton (skull, cervical vertebrae and pectoral girdle). Its type locality is Andy Anderson Farm, near Cedar Hill, which is in a Cenomanian/Turonian marine limestone in the Britton Formation of Texas.
  • Libonectes atlasense: SMNK-PAL 3978, a skeleton. Its type locality is North of Goulmima (Unit 4), which is in a Turonian open shallow subtidal limestone in the Akrabou Formation of Morocco.

Ecology: aquatic carnivore