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Paraptenodytes robustus Ameghino 1894 (penguin)

Reptilia - Sphenisciformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 106259

Alternative combinations: Palaeospheniscus robustus, Perispheniscus robustus

Synonyms: Arthrodytes grandis Ameghino 1901 (no. 105867), Isotremornis nordenskjoldi Ameghino 1905 (no. 105864), Metancylornis curtus Ameghino 1901 (no. 105862), Paraptenodytes crassus Ameghino 1905 (no. 106261), Paraptenodytes curtus Ameghino 1901 (no. 105861), Paraptenodytes grandis Ameghino 1901 (no. 105866), Paraptenodytes nordenskjoldi Ameghino 1905 (no. 106260), Treleudytes crassa Ameghino 1905 (no. 105857), Treleudytes crassus Ameghino 1905 (no. 106286)

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1894. Sur les oiseaux fossiles de Patagonie; et la faune mammalogique des couches Pyrotherium. Boletin del Instituto Geographico Argentino 15:501-660

Belongs to Paraptenodytes according to C. Acosta Hospitaleche and C. Tambussi 2008

Sister taxa: Paraptenodytes antarcticus, Paraptenodytes brodkorbi

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore