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Rupelramphastoides knopfi Mayr 2005 (bird)

Reptilia - Piciformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 106043

Full reference: G. Mayr. 2005. A tiny barbet-like bird from the Lower Oligocene of Germany: the smallest species and earliest substantial fossil record of the Pici (woodpeckers and allies). The Auk 122(4):1055-1063

Belongs to Rupelramphastoides according to G. Mayr 2006

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: SMF Av 500a+b, a partial skeleton (disarticulated skeleton lacking skull, furcula, sternum, right foot, and tail vertebrae). Its type locality is Frauenweiler, which is in a Rupelian estuary/bay claystone in Germany.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore