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Elanodactylus prolatus Andres and Ji 2008 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 120628

Full reference: B. Andres and Q. Ji. 2008. A new pterosaur from the Liaoning Province of China, the phylogeny of the Pterodactyloidea, and convergence in their cervical vertebrae. Palaeontology 51(2):453-469

Belongs to Elanodactylus according to B. Andres et al. 2014

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: NGMC 99-07-1, a partial skeleton (partial articulated skeleton consisting of the wings, 6 vertebrae, 12 ribs, both scapulocoracoids, and partial sternum). Its type locality is Sihetun, Yixian bed 6, which is in a Barremian/Aptian lacustrine shale in the Yixian Formation of China.

Ecology: volant piscivore