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Neocamptocrinus Willink 1980 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Monobathrida - Dichocrinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 129756

Full reference: R. J. Willink. 1980. A new coiled-stemmed camerate crinoid from the Permian of eastern Australia. Journal of Paleontology 54:15-34

Parent taxon: Camptocrininae according to G. D. Webster and P.A. Jell 1992

Sister taxon: Stomiocrinus

Subtaxa: Neocamptocrinus banksi, Neocamptocrinus barrabiddyensis, Neocamptocrinus bernacchiensis, Neocamptocrinus bundanoonensis, Neocamptocrinus doreckae, Neocamptocrinus gremialis, Neocamptocrinus millerensis, Neocamptocrinus millyitensis, Neocamptocrinus occidentalis, Neocamptocrinus sievertsae, Neocamptocrinus tasmaniensis, Neocamptocrinus wardenensis

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Type: Neocamptocrinus bundanoonensis

Ecology: stationary upper-level epifaunal suspension feeder