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Chilostigma McLachlan 1876 (caddisfly)

Insecta - Trichoptera - Limnephilidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 134942

Full reference: R. McLachlan. 1876. A Monographic Revision and Synopsis of the Trichoptera of the European Fauna, Part 4 145-220

Parent taxon: Limnophilidae according to R. McLachlan 1876

Sister taxa: Anabolia, Apatania, Asynarchus, Chaetopterygini, Clistoronia, Dicosmoecinae, Dicosmoecus, Drusinae, Halesochila, Indusia, Limnephilinae, Limnophilus, Miopsyche, Platyphylax, Psychoglypha, Pycnopsyche

Subtaxa: Chilostigma ostracoderma

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